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Design by Capt.Stjepko Mamic - Art by Stjepko 2017
The internationally renowned artist Capt.Stjepko Mamic has  attracted  international circle of collectors, drawn by his colourful and mystical style and charismatic persona. He has perfected the techniques of contemporary painting at the Academia du Port-Royal, Paris, France  (with Prof. Jean Maxim Relange and Prof. Dina Pickard)  and at the Academy D'Arte ,Florence, Italy ( with Prof. Sonia De Franceschi ). Stjepko is member of  the Accademia Culturale Europe from Rome, Italy, The Croatian Association Of Artists-Dubrovnik (HDLU-Dubrovnik), ICAF - International Culture and Arts Federation, South Korea,  Arteide, international cultural origination ,Art Nation, International Artist Association based in Munich, Germany, Gogyoshi Art ProjectInternational and others. He has exhibited extensively i n individual and with groups of authors in Croatia and worldwide ( Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, France, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom , Belgium, USA , Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Scotland, Macedonia, Holland, Slovakia and Iran ), ( see Exhibitions ). The source of Stjepko's art lies in the sea. He draws its strength and inspiration from the sea depths and width of open sea where he spent most of his life. Firmly connected with the sea and nature he manages to pour the “Sea” on canvas and create unique paintings. In the recent works, Stjepko explores new materials and artistic ideas, he often use paints for the glass and ceramics in combinations with pigments and golden leaves ( new and old techniques ) to create stunning artworks and many art's critics like : Paolo Levi, Vitorio Sgarbi, Anna Francesca Biondolillo, Salvo Nugnes, Mariarosaria Belgiovine, Salvatore Russo, Eva Lemonidou, Rebeca Smith, Lusine Breitscheidel, Marianna Jurceva, Julika Gotte e.t.c. wrote critics about his artworks. His works are in holdings of numerous galleries , museums and private collections worldwide. For his works he received many internationally awards ( see Awards ). From the beginning, Stjepko has made his own path. He has pursued an "ecologica vision" of art's place in contemporary life. Art as an essential part of our contemporary household and environment. Capt.Stjepko now beckons a wider public to take part in that vision. Join me, he says, because the  Art is Life.